8th Worcester Scout Troop


Wide Game - 3rd November

We will be holding a wide game at the Old Hills in Callow End in place of our regular meeting. Scouts should wear warm activity clothes and decent boots; a torch may also be useful.

Regular Meetings - 10th Onwards

We will be meeting as normal at the hut from the 10th onwards

Remembrance Parade - 12th November

We will be attending Rememberance Parade on the 12th November. Scouts should be at the hut for 10am in full uniform with smart trousers and shoes, and a poppy. They will be ready to be picked up by 12:15.

About Us: Scouting

There are many things you can get from scouting. All of these things are very useful and you will probably need them in later life. In scouts you learn about first aid; first aid is very important and is very good to learn about it for later life. You will also learn about how to survive in the wilderness. You will learn about how to pack a bag, how to set up camp, how to cook food over a fire and how to start a fire. These are just some of the survival skills that you will learn about in your time of scouts. Scouts is very useful, important and overall very fun.

About Us: Our Troop

We are a Scout Troop, meeting at the Claines Scout and Guide Hut in Worcester. We meet on Fridays between 7:30pm and 9:30pm.

Our Troop accepts boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 14.

We currently have two patrols (Cobras and Panthers).

We do not have a waiting list for members at present; the Group maintains a waiting list for all Sections (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts).

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